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Parenting and Child Rearing

Rearing and caring for children can be tough because most of the times parents, teachers or caregivers are unprepared or untrained. Moreover, children don’t come with any instruction manuals which may guide us as to how we can handle them in times when troubles or problems occur.

Parenting course by AMNBT are developed around on how you can cope with your child’s development, different types of parenting and discipline styles, how to use effective communication with your child and how to deal with constantly changing feelings within you and your child as well. This workshop  will provide you with the right resources and help to evolve and better your skills and educate you on different techniques to use at home when communicating with your child.

We at AMNBT strongly believe that Children are not vase to be filled, but a Fire to be lit.

Duration :- 2 Days Workshop

The Key Features

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