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A Mnemonic is an instructional strategy designed to help kids/adults improve their memory of any important information. It is basically a visual or auditory aid that helps one to remember and memorize important things such as calculation, poems, books etc.

 This technique connects new learning to prior knowledge through the use of visual and/or acoustic cues. The basic types of mnemonic strategies rely on the use of key words, rhyming words, or acronyms.

Mnemonics are strategies that can be modified to fit a variety of learning content. This method enhances memory of complex words or ideas and promotes better retention of material to be learned.

A common example is how children remember the alphabets by singing the ABCs. The first letter of each word is combined into a new word. Many types of mnemonics exist and which type works best is limited only by the imagination of each individual learner. Basic types of mnemonics include Music Name Expression/Word, Model, Rhyme, and Note Organization, Image, Connection, and Spelling.

We at AMNBT believe such techniques helps you at every important aspect of your life.

Course Duration : – 2 Days Workshop

Age Group :- 5 n above

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