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Entrepreneurship is a process of creating something new with a value, particularly responding to the opportunities available, involving time, efforts and assumption of risk, with the expectation of receiving the rewards at the end i.e., to be SUCCESSFUL.

Everybody wants success, but everyone doesn’t get that skill of entrepreneurs through several classroom coaching success. Many who starts up a business does not have a program, mentoring and training. This course will provide proper vision or mission for the business with proper knowledge of business expansion and values.

This course will help you to evaluate the values of your business and will also help you to be more creative and unique in your entrepreneurship journey. Build, launch and grow your business by developing world-class entrepreneurial expertise. Learn from real-life case studies, and produce, rehearse and refine your pitch deck with the support of our experienced mentors.

We at AMNBT believe after your completion of this course you’ll create the confidence and build the knowledge needed to prepare you to sell your concept to potential team members, partners, customers and investors, in short, SUCCESS for your idea.

Duration :- 9 months

The Key Features

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