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A Mind N Brain Tech is a brain analytical company founded by Dr. Sashidharan Chathunny, a Psychologist, Business Coach and Entrepreneur. A Mind N Brain Tech is another venture of Dr. Sashidharan. He is in the field of Business Consultancy and other financial & legal services since 1999.

A Mind N Brain Tech is the leading training solutions company in the outskirts of Mumbai providing training and coaching to individuals and organizations to elevate their capabilities, achieve a wider grasp of personal objectives and manage it effectively in the ever changing life and business landscape.

The company is managed by a TEAM of visionaries with a mission to transform lives of people, particularly Entrepreneurs, children and parents who have a great role in transforming the future of country. Shashidharan believe that children are not things to be molded but people to be unfolded and are not a vase to be filled but a fire to be lit. If children are given the necessary tools and decision taking power, they will succeed beyond their wildest dreams and everyone’s imagination. Parents should learn the techniques of real parenting, the What/When & How stages of child rearing.

Entrepreneurs the Businessmen are the real economic backbone of any country, they should be made aware of real management system and working on micro economics. Many entrepreneurs do not succeed not because they wanted to fail, but due to lack of proper strategy and vision. They need to invest also in learning the system and process of business. This can pave way to build a technologically, economically socially developed and empowered India.

   The company believes that TEAM members are their strength, courage, power, belief, trust and faith. The company was established with likeminded Team Members to bring about a transformation in stream selection and career choosing for children and grownups. Firmly believes that Children are not things to be molded but people to be unfolded; if children are given the tools and decision taking power they can succeed beyond their wildest dreams.  The company aims to become the top name in transforming the lives of people by helping them identify their inborn potentials and unleashing it.

Our Team Members are exceptional, both as individuals and as a part of team, and together sets the standard for the delivery with most innovative technology. Different courses are designed for different groups:

For Children – Ridge Analysis, Mnemonics, Mid Brain Activation and Creative Leadership, For Adults – Effective Parenting, Relationship Mastery,

For Business men – Entrepreneurship training/ coaching programs, for self and staff members …..To be part of effective and smooth functioning we train and coach the warriors to align with the company’s mission.

The company has developed Certified Trainers and Train the Trainers program to support the management team. Continual improvement self-updating is our motto & our clients can depend on us to deliver an outstanding technology and service. Our Warriors are Management Team, Franchisees, Trainers & Counselor’s, Back-office Staff team and Marketing Team.


To Build a Technologically, Economically Socially Developed Empowered India with People using Their Inborn Potential and Personality.


To Create a World that Works for Everyone with no One and Nothing Left Out, Bringing About a Transformation in the Quality of People’s Lives.

Core Values

Founder & Director

Dr. Sashidharan Chathunny is a Psychologist, Business and Life Coach, is the founder of “A Mind n Brain Tech” and is also associated with Winners Life Training & Consultancy.

He is on a mission to build a technologically, economically, socially developed, healthy and empowered India with people using their inborn potentials. He is a passionate learner and has graduated in multiple streams – Commerce, Arts, Law and Business Management,  Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming, A Hypnotherapist, Timeline therapist and Mind Mapping Consultant. He is a certified Transformation, Spiritual and Mindfulness Life Coach; done Masters in Counseling with Child and Adolescent Psychology. His additional feather on the hat is that he has done his multiple ‘Train The Trainer’ Certifications from Success Resources/Success Gyan, Bodhih and Peak Performance. He is a specialist in Management Skills, Marketing & Communication, and a Business Strategist. He is associated and accredited with ANLP-India, European Community NLP and American Union NLP, and Anthony Robbins Academy.

Sashidharan firmly believes that spirituality of a person need to be awakened and it helps to unleash life purpose. Pathways to business success become easy if spirituality is linked to business and business management. His passion and curiosity about the subject has inspired him to be certified by Silva International, in Mind Control, Life System and Ultramind ESP and Spirituality Coach by Transformation Academy. Shashidharan is awarded with a Doctorate in Life Coaching by Los Angeles Development Church & Institute, is now  pursuing another Phd. in Metaphysics. He strongly believe that learning is a never ending process, and one should never stop learning, for entrepreneurs it should be a compulsory business activity, one need to update oneself or they will be outdated. Business skill is a tool and knowledge is like the sharp edge, and one need to periodically sharpen the tool.

Sashidharan strongly believes that every businessmen small/medium or big should have a Coach/Mentor/Guide to guide and coach him throughout till the business goal is achieved. Sashidharan’s past experience and learning from his career journey beginning as an Accounts Assistant and attaining the top most level as Chief Executive and then as Consultant taught him the ups and downs of business and the secret gap that many ignore and fail to repair and fill-the business system. “System Works and People Don’t”. And is confident as he has developed and transformed many, you too can achieve it. ‘Business is Simple, but not easy’.

Dr. Sashidharan Chathunny - Psychologist, Business and Life Coach, Founder of A Mind N Brain Tech
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